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Woly 3X3 Waterproof Shoe Protector Spray Neutral - Suede & Nubuck Leathers

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Protect your favourite shoes and boots to keep them looking their best.

Woly 3x3 Protector Spray Descriptions:

Woly Protector Spray is one of Woly's best selling lines. The unique, highly effective formula repels snow, mud, moisture and rain. This top selling product is for everyone and anyone who owns a pair of shoes, thanks to its easy application and amazing results.

Woly Protector 3x3 is a highly effective waterproofing spray for use on all smooth, suede and nubuck leathers. Also suitable for textiles including breathable membranes, the protector is completely invisible as well as being fast and easy to apply. Simply apply your three coats and protect your favorite footwear from the harshest weather and environments. This highly rated product is the perfect spray for keeping your footwear looking its best and preventing you from having to buy new shoes or boots every year.

Woly Leather waterproof, suede waterproof, fabric waterproof, leather protector, suede protector, fabric protector Woly protector even protects snake skin, any material that can absorb the product. It is therefore not suitable for plastic or patent leathers. 

Instant Protection from Dirt, Stains and Water

Invisible Coating

Keep Your Suede/Leather Goods Looking In Tip Top Condition for Longer

Product Benefits:

Suitable for all smooth, suede, nubuck leathers and textiles.

Repels snow, mud, dirt, rain.

Prolongs the life of your footwear.

Prevents moulding stitching in shoes.

Long Lasting and highly effective results from the first application.


Caution/ Danger:

  •  Extremely flammable aerosol

  • May cause drowsiness and dizziness

  • Harmful to aquatic organisms, with long-term effect

  • Causes skin irritation

  • Causes serious eye irritation


How to use Woly Protector

- For best results, clean your shoes prior to applying the Woly 3x3 Protector with a Woly Cleaning Product
- Gently shake Woly Protector for a couple of seconds and in a well ventilated room, you are ready to begin
- Holding 3x3 roughly 30cm away from the shoe, spray in light bursts to completely cover the shoe - remember the sole!
- If this is your first time protecting your shoes, wait 5 minutes after first application and repeat process another 2 times so you have sprayed the shoe 3 times in total 
- Dependant on how often you wear the shoes, spray lightly once a week to ensure maximum results


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